Découvert Fine Art

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Transformations: Drawings From the 16th to 20th Century

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Kraushaar Galleries, 15 East 71st Street #2B, NY 10021

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Exhibitor Overview

Steven Law and Donald Stroud are guided by ideas about beauty, hoping to bring pleasure to others.

Transformations, our focus for MDNY 2019, explores drawings with subjects that hold narrative emotional weight and how appreciators of art might experience a work differently over time. We also hope to illustrate specific ways those dedicated to the evolving discipline of Art History play a role in our understanding of works in our keeping and how as gallerists we have been transformed by their disciplined life. Those visiting our exhibit can expect to see works by Bernardino Mei, Carlo Bononi, Paolo de Matteis, Aureliano Milani, Pietro Antonio Novelli, Ubaldo Gandolfi, Charles-Joseph Natoire, Bernard Picart, as well as other works less clearly understood.