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Grace in Nature and Faith: Drawings, 16th to 19th Century

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Kraushaar Galleries, 15 East 71st Street #2B, NY 10021

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Steven Law and Donald Stroud are guided by ideas about beauty, hoping to bring pleasure to others.

Grace used here conveys benefit without merit for a person or a people that possess a poetic sensibility or faith.  For example, being in nature, for many, evokes at times a peaceful state or wonder about all that grows, or even euphoria at seeing a waterfall or sunset.  People of faith can be inspired by biblical stories about liberation, justice, healing, and the lives of the saints.  Both can help people cope, produce hope, even transform lives.  Viewers can expect to see works by Johann Andreas Wolff, Peter Jansz, Giulio Carpioni, J.B. Ricci, Giovanni Balducci, Jan van der Meer II, Peter Birman, Emanuel Steiner, and others.