Ambrose Naumann Fine Art & Harry Gready

Ambrose Naumann Fine Art & Harry Gready

Ambrose Naumann
Harry Gready
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Nordic Vision: Shaping the Modern Northern Landscape

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The late 19th and early 20th centuries were a defining moment for Nordic art. Many young artists traveled to study in Paris, Germany and Italy, developing their own distinctive interpretations of modern European art trends, seeking to apply these ideas to the unique light and landscape of the North. In so doing shaping their own national artistic identity. These artists were progressively international, in their influences, artistic colonies and exhibitions. This show, a collaboration between Ambrose Naumman and Harry Gready, looks closely at the different influences on these young artists from across the Nordic region who, although highly regarded in their own time, have not received the international recognition they deserve.

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10am - 5pm